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South Africa 1910 Onwards Postal History



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1913 King's Heads: KGV Postal Stationery 1d postcard without dividing line, H&G 2 very fine unused. Very scarce



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1913 King's Heads: KGV Postal Stationery 1d postcard without dividing line but with full stop after "A" in Postkaart, H&G 2 fine used from Pretoria (Nov 23 1921) to Holland. Minor damge at top, a scarce commercial used card.



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1915 King's Heads: KGV Postal Stationery ½d + ½d green Reply Paid Card with reply section on slightly glossy cardboard unused, H&G 3, fine and very rare 


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1915 King's Heads: KGV Postal Stationery ½d + ½d green Reply Paid Card with reply section on slightly coarse cardboard unused, H&G 3, fine and very rare



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1914 (Dec 16) Very rare boxed "POSTAGE FREE / BASE 3A / PASSED BY / CENSOR" cachet on postcard from a member of the "D" Force to Smithfield OFS. View side with 'Upington' removed from text by censor.



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1921 (Jan 27) King's head 1½d coil stamp very scarce solo usage on cover during correct period locally used in Cape Town. The 1½d rate was in effect from 10 May 1920 - 1 June 1921, the 1½d coil stamp was issued on 15 November 1920 and had therefore only a 6½ month correctly usage as a solo stamp. One of the few 1½d coil stamps on cover recorded during this period.



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1917 Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" Large Wing Aerial Post Card very fine unused. Scarce.



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1918 (Nov 20) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" Small Wing Aerial Post Card in dark blue posted at Roodepoort and carried by Lieutenant Gearing on the 20st November demonstration flight over Johannesburg. Addressed to Somerset East. Average condition.



1918 (Dec 14) Red Cross 3d Our Day Label affixed to small format Red Cross Souvenir Envelope (105 x 75mm) numbered "8246", franked KGV 1d and locally addressed in Cape Town. The Sea Point postmark cancelling the 1d stamp is also just tying the label to the cover. Very scarce and in fine condition.



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1920 (Oct 29) Incoming 1½d taxed card from Holland with various tax markings and, as the addressee could not be found at the address given, the card re-directed with various endorsements about address. Tax paid with ½d plus 1d South African postage dues, the ½d in particular very rare on cover/card correctly used. The card in the end returned to sender in Holland.



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1926 (Aug 10) 4d Postal Stationery envelope uprated with pair ½d and 2 x 1d (correct 6½d rate to Germany), manuscript Paddock registration and stamps cancelled with scarce Paddock Rail postmarks. Fine condition.



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1929 (Aug 26) Attractive franked Airmail cover from Bloemfontein to Pretoria bearing 1925 9d Airmail, 1929 4d Airmail plus Officials 1928 6d block of 4 (SG O6).



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1931 (Dec 14) Registered Air Mail cover carried on the Kimberley - Cape Town leg of the Imperial Airways London - Cape Town Experimental flight, franked 1929 Air 1/- plus 1929 Officials 6d SG O9 block of 4 neatly cancelled with Registered Kimberley strikes. Unclaimed cachet and cover returned to sender.



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1932 (Jan 26) Registered envelope carried on first Imperial Airways return flight from Cape Town to London, franked 1929 Air Mail 4d block of 4, bottom left stamp showing short "I" in AIRMAIL variety. Unboxed bilingual "CONTRARY TO REGULATION" cachet at bottom.



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1932 (Jan 27) Imperial Airways envelope franked 1929 Air Mails 1/- from Cape Town to Sutton Coldfield UK with attractive ½d Paid Sutton Coldfield Birmingham cancel in red.



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1932 (Sep 29) Previously unrecorded "DUNDEE PAID 29 SEP 32" postmark in red on postcard with political connotation addressed to Pomery. This postmark is a new find and has now been recorded by Prof A Visser.



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1934 (Feb 21) 1/- Roto's Officials marginal block of 4 with inverted watermark SGO17 on cover to Pretoria with 1934 South African Royal Tour HRH Prince George commemorative postmarks.



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1934 (Mar 16) 6d Roto's Official block of 6 with two stamps top row showing Stop after "OFFISIEEL" on English stamps, SGO13a, fine used on cover to Pretoria with 1934 Royal Tour HRH Prince George commemorative postmarks.



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1937 (Jun 30) Scarce Round Church Sea Point postmark on registered cover franked various Coronation stamps addressed to Grahamstown. Putzel rated RRR with the name Round Church being only used between 1930 and 1937.



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1941 (Mar 30) 1½d franked cover from Upper Uhmlatuzi to Durban, irregular posted in a posting box as it contained a 5/- postal order and consequently registered and surcharged, "T/8d" tax marked and tax paid with 2d postage due strip of 4. PO Caution label on reverse cancelled Durban 1 Apr 1941. 



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1943 (Mar 13) Scarce Westlake Camp skeleton postmarks on cover bearing various War issues addressed to Hereford. Westlake Camp (close to Muizenberg outside Cape Town) was established as a transit and repatriation centre for the Royal Air Force (RAF) personnel and was run by the Imperial Army which also maintained a hospital here. (Reisener)



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1953 (May 21) Commercially used cover from Vaalkop to Johannesburg franked Coronation stamp used 9 days before official issue, endorsed "Used before issue" and "Please return this cover to the post office, Thank you" initialled and with bilingual "Private Box and Surcharge Office Johannesburg" cachet dated 22 5 53



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1953 (Oct 1) Scarce Rustenburg skeleton postmark on cover cancelling 1953 Cape Triangular Centenary issue stamps, addressed to the USA.



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1966 (Sep 10) Tickets in the name of Mr/Mrs R McFarlane to Dr H.F. Verwoerd State Funeral in the Amphitheatre, Union Building, Pretoria. Mr RJ MacFarlane was the Secretary of the House of Assembly.

On 6 September 1966, shortly after entering the House of Assembly in Cape Town, Verwoerd was assassinated at 14.15. A uniformed parliamentary messenger named Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Verwoerd in the neck and chest four times before being subdued by other members of the Assembly. Verwoerd was rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.  



1974 (Nov) Cover ex Germany to Bulawayo with bilingual "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI" cachet, bearing 90 (pfg) stamp tied Wuppertal cds with Bergische Universitat Wuppertal cachet along side. Rare destination with only a handful of covers from this crash addressed to Rhodesia recorded.