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Anglo-Boer War



Price: £50.00

1902 (Mar 28) Re-directed Mail with CGH Stamp Added: postcard ex Coalbrookdale UK addressed to Lieut W. Alfred Youden in SimonsTown who subsequently re-addressed the card to Scotland, uprated with CGH 1d Table Mountain to pay for the "foreign" re-direction fee, stamp cancelled by "Passed Censor Cape Town" (unusual) with "Cape Town Mar 26 02" cancel at left. View side showing 'The Library, Shrewsbury' with much handwritten text around the picture. Some creasing and small tear at right but scarce re-directing franking.



Price: £60.00

1901 (Mar 14) Boer War Cover to POW in St Helena franked 1d Table Mountain tied BONC "141" with fine "VREDENBURG DIST MALMESBURY" cds adjacent, triangular censor mark plus censor label and nice St Helena arrival on front. Rare proving cover for BONC "141" not recorded by Putzel or Frescura. 



1901 (Dec 28) Neat "Taylor & Wilson Family Grocers Jeppestown" registered cover from Johannesburg to Durban with Johannesburg censor strikes. Very clean.



Price: £65.00

1902 (Apr 11) Envelope ex New York addressed to State President Paul Kruger, Oranjelust (Krugers home) in Utrecht, Holland. Endorsed "Per Statendam" which was one of the passenger liners belonging to the Holland America Line.



1902 (May 29) Envelope ex Amsterdam addressed to State President Paul Kruger in Utrecht. Opening cut just above stamp as can be seen on the illustration but not unduly affecting appearance.